The High and Low List for June 2014

Here’s a recap of the good, bad and ugly things that’ve happened in my life during June:


1.Had the first blog post I ever submitted to BlogHer published, listing me as a Featured Writer. It’s gotten 550 hits there so far.

2. My best old friend came for a visit and we laughed til we got stomach aches.

3. Was talked into buying a jingly Zumba skirt and and it’s been fun to dance around in it.

4. I got an adjustable stand-up desk at work, so I can stand and sit whenever I want.

5. Had a very nice first meeting with a man I met at an online dating site. He lives in my town and seemed very upbeat and nice; I couldn’t find a thing wrong with him. (And that’s unusual!) He seemed to like me, too.

4. Took my second stand-up paddleboarding class and did way better than in the first class.

5. Only one more adult swimming lesson at the kiddie pool. Signed up for 6 lessons and realized I need 106!

6. Netted nearly $500 to donate to my favorite local charity at the Mega Yard Sale held June 7.

7. Read several good books.

8. The doctor who gave me the news in #1 below was super nice. What a great bedside manner!


1. Found out I need carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand and scheduled it for mid-July. (I’m looking forward to the 10-day vacation from work.)

2. Was carrying two big coolers (they were heavy and I was walking fast) and bumped into a short, stubby pillar with such force that I fell over sideways onto the pavement! Luckily, was able to use my hands to cushion the fall, but my legs flew out in the air to the side and it was quite embarrassing. (It was a really weird sensation to fall over sideways.) After looking around to see if anyone noticed (it was right in front of a big building), I heard a man came up behind me and ask if I needed help. I replied, “Did you see me fall?” and he said no, but he’d seen “some legs flying up in the air.”  No broken bones.

3. Thought I only skinned my knee in the dramatic fall above, but woke up the next day with a big scab on the top of my foot. And the whole top of my foot turned red in the next few days, it got infected and hurt a lot. Went to the urgent care doctor and got antibiotics. It’s still better than a broken hip!

4. Was rushing to eat dinner and go to swimming lessons one night and spilled scalding hot water from the corn on the cob I was microwaving on my stomach, through the bathing suit. Still have a red mark from that! (That and the fall were really dumb!!)

In summary, there were more good things this month than bad, so I’m happy. Hope you had a good month, too!

Want to share some of  your highs and lows?

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