Weird Excuses for Being Late to and from Work

Weird Excuses for B eing Late to and from Work - wild boar, traffic jam, wrecksYou hear about people making crazy excuses for things (like “the dog ate my homework”) but here are a few bona fide reasons I’ve been late to work and getting home from work.

1) On my first day at work on my current job, a wild boar escaped from a vehicle transporting it on the interstate. Amid the mass of stopped cars, the big, hairy, ugly pig ran wildly right in front of my car – while several men tried to capture it. They all looked scared to death, especially when the boar switched directions and charged their way. I felt ridiculous having to tell my new boss, “I’m sorry for being late, but there was a 500-lb. wild boar in the road causing a big traffic jam…” Fortunately, an article with details about the event on the front page of the newspaper the next day confirmed my wild story.

2) I’d backed the car out and gotten out to close the garage door to go to the first day of a week-long training class at work when I discovered it wouldn’t close all the way. So, although two ladders were within easy distance, I grabbed a bucket (also nearby), stood on it, reached up to fix the top of the door, slipped off and fell to the concrete floor. The garage door slammed down as I screamed in pain, but since no one was going to come help me, I finally stood upright and limped to work — late.¬† (Found out two weeks later it was badly broken – even though I went to the emergency room that night after work and got x-rays — and the doctor told me it wasn’t broken…)

3) When I worked downtown and had to cross the two mile-long bridge across the river, several car wrecks occurred one rainy morning involving an incredible total of 37 cars. Five cars crashed into each other right next to me in the passing lane (with that horrible crunching sound), and car parts from their vehicles flew through the air and bounced off my car’s windshield. Just ahead, 15 cars had crashed in a single wreck, and the rest of the wrecks were behind me. (It was definitely the worse day ever on the bridge; a new one was built since then.) Everyone¬† got out and walked around, as the bridge swayed beneath us, until traffic finally began moving again at 10 a.m.

4) One time, word got out that traffic was tied up both routes home from work. I chose the way I thought would be fastest and sat in my roasting car (it was 99 degrees that day) at a near stand-still, inching along on the interstate for five hours and reading a week’s supply of newspapers that, fortunately, were in the back seat. I unbuttoned my blouse to my waist, hiked up my skirt (who cared what the truck drivers thought?!) and toughed it out –eventually making it 13 miles home after 9 p.m.

The true-life incidents above are one of the main reasons I always keep an ample supply of reading material in my car.

What situations have you encountered while commuting to and from work?

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