The Secret to Success: Best Workplace Advice

The Secret to Success: Best Workplace Advice #2

After years of soul-sucking jobs when I was newly divorced (after being an at-home mom for four years) and my son was young, I was hired by a defense contractor as a writer for a government agency. The salary wasn’t great, but the benefits were good and there was potential to get hired as a government employee.

On my first day, my supervisor drove me to the government office, took me inside and gave me the best workplace advice ever.

“Make yourself indispensable,” he said.

He advice was right on target; becoming indispensable is the secret to success.

If you can do something nobody else can – whether it’s knowing every function on the office copier or operating an MRI –  or do something essential better than everyone else can, you’re set. The trick is to discover your “gift,” develop your talent(s) and skills, and show everyone your stuff!

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4 Responses to The Secret to Success: Best Workplace Advice

  1. Carolann says:

    That’s so true. I’ve always tried to make sure I could do something at work no one else could. It’s just an edge in your corner for sure!
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