The Highs and Lows of July

Cute little white dog for highs and lows of july 2014Here’s a recap of the good, bad and ugly things that’ve happened in my life during July:


1) My son, his wife and their adorable dog (isn’t he the cutest puppy ever?) came to visit for a nice, long weekend. They moved out of town a year ago and I only get to see them a few times a year. (Am just starting to get over it!)

2) I heard from a childhood friend and she said she reads my blog posts to her 96-year old mother every night.

3)  One of the blog posts I submitted to BlogHer (a large, well-known women’s blogging site) was chosen (for the second time in 50 days) as a Featured Writer selection on the site and displayed prominently on the home page for about a week.

4) Got 709 “reads” on the first BlogHer Featured Writer post and 337 on the second post, so far.

5) My boss told me he’s submitting me for an award (with a cash bonus!) for my work managing the corporate blog (got one several years ago for it, also).

6) Got 8+ paid days off work for surgery recuperation, which was very relaxing. Typing one-handed was not much fun, though.

7) Went to my friend’s daughter’s wedding. I’ve known her since she was four, and she was a gorgeous bride.


1) Had carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand (everything went well and I got the stitches out the other day).

2) My swimming lessons are over and I realized I need not 6 lessons, but 106, to learn to swim!

3) Had to call AAA twice in one week! (They towed  my car to the garage once and retrieved keys locked in the truck the second time…)

How was your July?

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