Highs and Lows of August

Here’s a recap of the good, bad and weird things that happened during August:


1) Bought a new car – after 11 years! (You’ll hear more about that – the car’s very nice but the car-buying experience was unbelievable.)

2) Took a road trip (in the new car) over Labor Day weekend to visit my parents, sister and brother-in-law.

3) Joined a local table tennis group and have had some interesting experiences. (You’ll also hear more about that!)

4) Got some great thrift store treasures.

5) Had dinner with C – we’ve been friends since first grade; that’s always fun.

6) Had a fun dinner out with the “girls” from work.

7) My friend J and I broke our all-time record and went to five thrift stores in one afternoon!

8) Held the kickoff meeting of the Charleston Area Bloggers meet-up group. It was great to talk to fellow bloggers!

Not So Good

1) My new car is wider than my old one, and on the very day I bought the brand new car, I scraped the rear view mirror against the side of the garage while pulling in — causing the entire metal piece of the rear view mirror to fly off! That was heart-stopping, because then I thought I’d run over it and smash it – but the car was half-in and half-out, so I couldn’t open the door to see where it was. Luckily, it had rolled somewhere and wasn’t run over. The piece popped right back on — and rubbing compound got the scrapes off the metal.

2) Met a guy from an online dating site who was 11 years older than I am for a Coke. He was a tiny little guy – nice enough – but it was like talking to my grandpa. Afterwards, he walked me to my car and went to plant a big one on me in the parking lot; all I could think to do was turn my head, resulting in an awkward cheek kiss. His cologne was so heavy that I could smell it the rest of the night! (Ick.)

3) The only other dating activity was that the man pictured below (this was his profile photo!) wrote to me from an online dating site and said he liked me and thought we’d have things in common (sigh). Really???


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