Confess: How Did You Get Your Name?

Confess: How did you get your name?

I was formerly a corporate trainer and once led a group event at work using the following theme as an icebreaker: Tell us how you got your name.

We went around the room and nearly everyone had an entertaining tale to tell about how their parents picked their names. Some were romantic and some were silly, but they were all interesting.

It was easy to remember people’s names during the event once you had a memorable, real-life story to associate with it.

You could tell that everyone was delighted to tell “their story,” because – after all – when do we ever get to tell people how we got the name that defines who we are?

My parents named me Diane because my dad loves music, and he particularly liked the song “Smile for Me, My Diane.” (I’m really glad he didn’t like “Waltzing Matilda!”)

Write and tell us the story about how you got your name!

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  1. April says:

    I was born in April.

    Why do I feel like I can hear crickets chirping?
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