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A Tribute to My Amazing Dad

I’ve always been a daddy’s girl and I’ll admit it. (Maybe every girl is.) My dear dad passed away in November at age 94, and this “tribute to my amazing dad” was the eulogy I gave at his celebration of … Continue reading

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See the USA and Create a Map of All The Places You’ve Been

The next time you’re sitting around with family and friends, pull up this website for an entertaining activity and a great conversation starter. It’s fun and it doesn’t cost a cent!

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18 Fun Family Christmas Activities

Here are 18 fun holiday activities to entertain everyone and keep things lively.

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Holiday Observation #1

Happy holidays to everyone!

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Fond Family Memories: A No-Cost Heartwarming Gift for Parents

If  your parents are at the point in life where they don’t need any more “things” for Christmas or you just want to give them a meaningful gift — create a one-of-a-kind “Fond Family Memories” jar.”

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Highs and Lows of June

Wow – is it ever hot this month! The heat index has been between 105 and 112 nearly every day  — yikes.

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Valuable Life Lessons My Parents Taught Me

I’m blessed to have wonderful parents who are sharp, active and involved in life.  As octogenarians (and all the years before that), they’ve been truly inspirational! The lessons my parents taught me through words and actions were right on the mark … Continue reading

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December Daily — a Fun Way to Document the Holidays

A great way to record precious memories and capture the best of December is to create a December Daily scrapbook. You can set up album pages with background paper in November and create a tentative list of some of the … Continue reading

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Confess: How Did You Get Your Name?

I was formerly a corporate trainer and once led a group event at work using the following theme as an icebreaker: Tell us how you got your name. We went around the room and nearly everyone had an entertaining tale … Continue reading

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Good Year-Around Gift-Giving Advice

  When I was in my early 20s and at my first real job, I wanted to buy a Christmas gift for my boss. She was a classy, conservative older woman.

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