Coffee Virgin: Diet Coke and Wyler’s Light Rock My World

Coffee Virgin: Diet Coke and Wylers LIght Rock My WorldI’ve never drunk a cup of coffee. Ever.

My mom once told me I wasn’t not old enough and it would stunt my growth — and I believed her.

Instead, my drinks of choice are Diet Coke andĀ raspberry Wyler’s Light.

Diet Cokes — especially the highly carbonated ones from a fountain — are such a treat. šŸ™‚ My 11 a.m. “fix” is the highlight of my work day; thank God the room I work in is right next to the cafe!

And the serversĀ  at one of the local drive-throughs have seen me so often over the years (“Large Diet Coke, light ice”) that they get the drink ready when they see my car pull into the lot.

Don’t get me started, though, about the ecstasy of Diet Coke… that should be a whole separate blog post.

Crystal Light single packsWyler’s Light has a lot of pluses, too. It’s:

1) Inexpensive (packs of 10 singles are available for $1 at the local dollar store)

2) No-cal

3) Tasty – especially if you use more than one pack at a time

4) Individually packagedĀ  for portability (easy to carry in your purse)

…and it livens up any glass of water.

Raspberry Wyler’s Light does have some downsides, though. The bright red color badly stains your lips and mouth (not to mention any clothing or furniture you spill it on!) In fact, my former boyfriend used to look over at the big red ring around my lips after I drank one and comment how it was like talking to “The Joker” in the Batman movie.

He eventually suggested using straws — and (who knew?) it was a great solution…

What are your favorite drinks?

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5 Responses to Coffee Virgin: Diet Coke and Wyler’s Light Rock My World

  1. Carolann says:

    It does look good, but I don’t drink soda at all. I think it taste nasty to me lol. I know someone who will love this though and will pass this along!
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  2. Elisa says:

    Another of the zillions of things we have in common! I still don’t drink coffee, and for the same reason as you. I loved Coke and Diet Coke for so long, but now I’m trying to drink seltzer water. I like it really cold, and I like to add lemon juice. Funny!!!

    • blogqueendiane says:

      Now that you say that, I don’t ever remember any of us drinking coffee at college! That is weird how much we have in common after all these years. Thanks for reading the blog!

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