Ten Reasons Why I Love Scrapbooking

10 ReasonWhy I Love Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is my favorite hands-on hobby. Here’s why I love it:

(1) While creating pages with photos and journaling — and adding embellishments, you take time to recall the details about good times. It basically lets you relive life’s happy moments.

(2) It allows you to look at life differently. There are a million ways to compare, contrast and group things, other than chronologically. Place three photos on a page — one of your child doing something like sitting on the front porch when he’s a toddler, as a teenager, and again when he’s an adult. Or you can group photos of your child playing various sports during high school.

You can record photos of the big tree in your backyard during all four seasons, or make a page with pictures of your favorite things. There’s no limit to the possibilities.

(3) It’s a creative release. There’s no right or wrong way to scrapbook, and working with paper, ink, pens and photos is a very pleasant tactile experience.

(4) It’s fun to go to weekend scrapbook crops and retreats (events where women get together and work on their scrapbook pages). Have had a lot of good times and interesting discussions with friends and friendly strangers at these events out of town and locally. (Particularly love going to retreats in Myrtle Beach, spending a couple nights in an oceanfront room and having meals served while I scrapbook in a room overlooking the ocean.)

(5) It’s great to enjoy the companionship of people who like the same hobby you do and understand exactly why you enjoy it so much. It’s also fun to walk around at crops  and see what other people are working on, and what techniques they’re using.

Scrapbooking crop

Scrapbooking crop

(6) It’s relaxing. Once you’re in “the flow,” you forget your cares and time flies.

(7) Scrapbooks (and scrapbook pages) make great gifts for family and friends. Everyone loves to get photo keepsakes of themselves or their loved ones.

(8) It’s a great way to document the important things in your life or in someone’s you love.

(9) You have a treasured, tangible product for your recreational efforts (unlike relaxing by watching TV, for example, where you don’t have anything to show for it). You can pull the scrapbooks out time and time again and enjoy what you’ve created.

(10) Scrapbooking makes you appreciate life more. Each time you catch yourself thinking, “That would make a great scrapbook page!” you’re realizing that something of value, worth recording, is happening.

If you’ve never scrapbooked before, you might want to give it a try! If you do scrapbook, what would you add to this list?

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5 Responses to Ten Reasons Why I Love Scrapbooking

  1. Carolann says:

    I never got into scrapbooking. I think it’s so pretty and creative to do but for some reason just never got into it. I think it’s because all my photos are on my computer lol. Great idea for sure!
    Carolann recently posted…Sunday’s Sassy SelectionsMy Profile

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  5. Michelle Windham says:

    Please notify me of updates!

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