Best Advice Ever for Dressing with Class

Best Advice Ever for Picking Clothing to look classy

You can’t go wrong with the advice my mom gave me as a teenager regarding clothes:

“Pick clothes that are simple but elegant.”

Unadorned clothes  — with one or two nice pieces of jewelry — look tasteful. They look expensive. They look classy. (Think about the elegant look of Grace Kelley or Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.)

While clothes with lace, jewels, beads and other embellishments can be funky and fun for casual wear — they can also look “cheap” for work and special events if they’re overdone.

Did you ever notice how a navy blazer, for example, at a department store or discount store like TJ Maxx might look classic and sleek. But a navy blazer at Sears, KMart or other lower-priced stores often has embroidery, sequins, studs, novelty buttons, funky pockets or other doo-dads added to it that make it look cheesy? (Not trying to knock Sears or KMart, but they always seem to add too many unnecessary embellishments to their clothes.)

The trick to dressing with class is to be understated– and keep it simple.

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4 Responses to Best Advice Ever for Dressing with Class

  1. Carolann says:

    That’s so true. For work, I always chose my outfit with that in mind, but for a fun night out, I love jeans with some diamond studs! A girl has to have some fun too! 🙂
    Carolann recently posted…Top 10 Essential Makeup Tools You Can’t Live WithoutMy Profile

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