Highs and Lows of May

Highs and Lows of May

What a month!


1) My parents came to visit for my mom’s birthday and Mother’s Day, like they do every year. We had a nice visit the evening they arrived, but I got a call at work the next day … (See Lows below.)

2) Got an award at work for my fundraising efforts in 2014 (see Sixteen Super Fun Fundraising Ideas). But most importantly, the work buddies who helped me also got recognition!

3) Celebrated my one-year blogiversary with 60,000 hits in the first year!

4) Bought some pretty flowers for the window boxes on the front porch and planted a bunch of seeds and bulbs in the beds and in pots nearby. Nothing like a beautiful sunny day and the feel of warm earth on your hands to put you in a great mood! The first flower bloomed the other day.

Not High or Low — Just Weird

1) The new backyard gate locked behind me one day when I was home alone and went out to get the trash can, and that’s when I discovered you can’t open it from inside the yard because there’s no lock or lever! Nobody was around in any of the neighbors’ yards or in the street, so it was a choice of yelling, “Help! Help me!” until someone finally heard or climbing the five-foot fence.

Neither idea was appealing, so I finally grabbed the fence top and stood on the overturned garbage can, barely reaching over the fence slats to unlock it. The last time I did something similar — stood on a bucket to fix the open garage door above my head — I slid off, broke my foot, had surgery to pin my bones together and was in a wheelchair for four months… but this time it worked out better.


1) When my parents came to visit, my dad fell in my garage — and broke his hip. He had hip surgery, spent a few days in the hospital, then spent about 10 days in inpatient rehab to learn to get around with a walker. About three weeks later, I finally drove him and my mom back home. It was an incredibly chaotic and stressful three-week period for all of us.

This was not my favorite month (or his either)!

However, looking at the bright side — every one of the medical people involved in my dad’s care was helpful and kind, and things worked out as well as they possibly could have, given the situation (except for the two-hour traffic jam on the way home from rehab).  He got a private room at the rehab facility, and they even set up a putting green for him to practice golfing as part of therapy! And he’s a very healthy guy who’s on the mend.

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  1. Elisa says:

    I hope your dad is continuing to heal quickly. Thank goodness you were there to help!

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