Simple but Powerful Relief for Arthritis Pain in Your Fingers

Simple and powerful relief for arthritis pain in your fingers

If you have arthritis in your fingers, you know that at times they can really hurt. And surprisingly enough, on other days, you’re pain-free. (It’s a genetic “gift” that I’ve had arthritis in my hands and the accompanying knobby fingers from a relatively young age.)

When one or more fingers hurt, simply wrap the joints fairly tightly with a band-aid. The compression helps alleviate the pain and gives you relief so you can go about your daily activities! And it just looks like you have an ordinary cut on your finger.

I find this works better than pills, creams or any other treatment method (and I once was desperate enough to go down the aisle in the drugstore and buy and try one of everything!)

I am NOT going to wear those arthritis gloves advertised in the Sunday Parade magazine!

Give it a try (or tell  your grandma about it!) and let me know how it works.

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6 Responses to Simple but Powerful Relief for Arthritis Pain in Your Fingers

  1. Carolann says:

    Never knew this tip! Will try. thanks for sharing!
    Carolann recently posted…Married For Decades And We Argue About The Silliest ThingsMy Profile

  2. Vanessa D. says:

    I don’t get knuckle pain at least not from arthritis, but if the bandage works why not? It kind of makes sense that it would help, because it would provide some pressure and a little bit of support.
    Vanessa D. recently posted…Time For A Change?My Profile

  3. Drew says:

    Arthritis in your fingers is very inconvenient but these are excellent tips for dealing with the pain. I will definitely be trying this out. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Drew recently posted…Back on the Saddle | Health + Fitness MagazineMy Profile

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