How to Find Your Car after You Park It

How to Find Your Car After You Park It

If you have a nondescript car like my Sylvia (a silver Nissan) — you could probably use some tips to find it in parking lots, on city streets, at the mall —  and especially at Disney World. 🙂

If you have a clicker to sound the horn or a panic button, that’s the easiest thing to use. If it doesn’t work because you’re not close enough to the car or there’s a lot of noise, try these other ideas.

1) If your car has an antenna – just buy a fun antenna ball.

2)  Attach or place a colorful item in your back window – like a neon flower or  sticker, or a brightly colored stuffed animal.

3) Carry a piece of neon 8 1/2 x 11 paper in the car and affix it under your wiper when you get out of the car. It should be easy to spot when you return!

4) Note the number on the nearest parking lot sign (if any) — say, aisle 3 or spot H13 at the airport. Make a funny mental association about the number, make a note of the location on your phone or write it on a scrap of paper and put it in your wallet, if you have to. (Nothing worse that returning from a long flight and having no idea where your vehicle is!)

5) Note the letter of the word on the building that corresponds with the row you’re parked in– again, the “l” in Walmart is the aisle where you parked.

6) Look for landmarks near your car — the shopping cart return, a sign or a clump of trees.

7) Take a photo of your parked car (near some landmarks or in relation to the building you’re entering) with your cell phone.

8) Use the video recorder on your phone to record behind you when you walk from the car to your destination (the front door of Walmart, or wherever).  When you leave the store, replay the video and — presto! — you’ll find your car.

9) Get a phone app to record your car’s GPS location.

Don’t Do

One “don’t do” — that I learned the hard way. Don’t affix a magnet to your car to identify it. The sun causes the surrounding car to fade — but it doesn’t fade under the magnet, so if you ever remove the magnet, the shape is still there…forever.

How do you find your car after you park it?

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