The #1 Packing Tip You Need to Know

The #1 Packing Tip You Need to Know

The primary question to ask yourself before you begin packing is:

What are the things that, if I forget them, could make me miserable or ruin my trip?

Items vary for everyone — but if you think in terms of what you won’t be able to purchase or obtain easily, inexpensively or at all — on the road, it helps.

Everyone needs a passport (if traveling abroad), plane and other tickets, a trip itinerary (with hotel reservation info, flights, phone numbers), cash and credit cards, a cell phone, toothpaste and toothbrush, and daily medication– so you can put those on the top of the list.

My other “must have” items include: my favorite hairspray (I look like a boy without it!), reading materials/Kindle, sunglasses and low-cal snacks.

Other things you might include are: contact lenses/supplies, reading or distance glasses, sunscreen, over-the-counter meds (antacids, motion sickness, etc.), a GPS and a jacket.

Once you’ve thought through the #1 packing tip and gathered what you need, then you can concentrate on taking the things you want!

And you won’t have to worry about shelling out $20 on a cruise ship for sunscreen or a pair of sunglasses you could’ve bought at the dollar store before you left home…

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8 Responses to The #1 Packing Tip You Need to Know

  1. Carolann says:

    All good tips for sure! I always seem to forget something when I travel and always have that “what did I forget” feeling when I leave lol.
    Carolann recently posted…Gadgets and Tech Toys Wishlist Part 8My Profile

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