Dating a Much Younger Man

I Dated a Man 19 Years Younger

Aren’t you always amazed how many men date much younger women?

Women don’t seem to “rob the cradle” nearly as much.

When I was about 46, I went out with B, a 27-year-old man. And I never regretted dating a much younger man.

Met B on an online dating site and was surprised he wanted to meet after we’d written back and forth several times.

He was cute in his profile photo, and in person he was a real hunk — soft-spoken and sort of shy.

We had a Coke, and some laughs.

I figured that the one meeting would satisfy our curiosity, and that’s all there would be — but he continued to email me and wanted to get together again.

After that, we saw each other regularly.

My girlfriends all wanted to know what we talked about, since I had a 12-year old son at the time, and B just graduated from grad school a few years earlier.  I told them we discussed music a lot, because he knew all the old rock ‘n roll songs his mom liked (which were the same ones I like!).

However, when I found out his mom was only three years older than I was, that was kind of freaky… (I’m sure she would’ve been horrified to know her son was seeing me!)

We dated for several months — and both of us knew there was no long-term future to it, so we could just enjoy the relationship for what it was. There wasn’t any pressure or expectations.

I never felt like Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate (although B was the best kisser I ever met in my life!) — and I definitely wasn’t his wealthy  “sugar mama.”

It was just a fun experience that happened to work out in both our lives at that point.

He was a real sweetheart, and thinking about him now still brings a smile to my face. 🙂

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