Highs and Lows of September

Highs and Lows of September 2015

September’s been a lot better month than August was because there are way more highs than lows this time!


  1. My blog hit count reached more than 100,000 Mon., Sept. 27 — just one year and four months after starting it! Still  amazes me. (And thank you to everyone who reads it.)
  2. Volunteered (again, after I swore I wouldn’t last year) and am the official co-lead this year for the annual charity drive at work. My specialty is FUNdraisers. It’s been entertaining so far, because we’re planning several new events and are going to repeat some of the most fun ones from last year (paper plane contest, ping pong ball drop into a bucket from the 2nd floor and more). The first new fundraiser planned is the Compliment Event; it’ll either be a great success or a horrible failure. Ya just never know…
  3. Replenished the sleeveless tops packed in my lost luggage (see August high and lows) by ordering from J.C. Penney’s end-of-the-summer clearance sales online. Got eight new (mostly Liz Claiborne) tops for $108! That helps make up for the pain of losing several new tops that I hadn’t even worn yet.
  4. We’ve had a couple  cooler, fallish days — and they were great. The weather is still in the 80s most of the time, but cooler weather will be here in another month. Yay.
  5. Took a six-hour trip to visit my parents over Labor Day Weekend. We had a nice time, and it was relaxing. Going on a long drive (with stops at outlet malls on the way) gives you a chance to think.


  1. Still haven’t heard anything about compensation from United Airlines on the luggage they lost August 1. It’s been about eight weeks now and six weeks since I filed the claim. When I called to ask if they got the claim, the guy from India who answered the phone said yes (although he couldn’t understand and answer any of my other questions), that it might take 8-10 weeks (!), and that I was “allowed” to call once a month to check on it.  (That made me mad — and I had the urge to call every. single. day.)

Incredibly dumb

  1. Got my car stuck in a sewer grate — seems impossible, huh? Unfortunately, it’s not… Watch for a blog post soon about this extremely humiliating incident.

Have a good October!


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4 Responses to Highs and Lows of September

  1. Elisa says:

    thinking of you and hoping you are safe.

    • blogqueendiane says:

      Thanks! We sure have gotten a lot of rain here! Boone Hall Plantation, which is less than a mile away, reported more than 24 inches of rain since Friday — which seems unbelievable.

  2. Elisa says:

    Glad you have power and are ok.

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