Seven Ways I Saved Money in September

Seven Ways I Saved Money in September

Just when you think you’ve saved all the money you can, you come across something else. This month I:

1. Ordered prescriptions through a mail-order pharmacy (offered by my insurance at work) instead of getting them filled at the local drugstore. Wished I started doing this years ago, because it saves a bundle.
2. Bought generic over-the-counter drugs and vitamins at Walmart. Never did this until I read Consumer Reports reviews showing many store brands (including Walmart’s) are as high quality as big name companies’ products. Their prices are way lower than those at drugstores, too.
3.  Bought some early Christmas presents at Tuesday Morning. They always seem to have the best “thoughtful but inexpensive” gifts for friends and family. (And great gifts if you’re preparing an Adult Advent Calendar.) They also carry scrapbooking and other craft supplies at really low prices.
4.  Ordered checks online through a company advertised in the Sunday Parade magazine. Their first-time customer price was much lower than anywhere else, and they had a big variety of check styles. (The only trick to doing this is that you have to keep track of where you’ve ordered checks before and order from a new company each time, so you’re a first-time customer.)
5.  Ordered 300 photos from my recent cruise online from Snapfish. They were only ten cents each and I received them in less than a week. (Much better price than at the local do-it-yourself photo machine at the drugstore.)

6.  Since my luggage was lost on my recent cruise (with all my favorite summer clothes), bought 8 new sleeveless summer tops at great end-of-summer prices online at J.C. Penney’s. Got them all for $108 — and they were Liz Claiborne tops with a regular price of around $40 each.
7. Did my own home pest control. It only takes 20 minutes and costs about $2 — compared to $75 to have an exterminator come to your house and do the same thing!

Save Money by doing your own pest control

How did you save money this month?

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