The Incredible Power of Words

The Power of Words

Words have always fascinated and entranced me. I guess that’s why I wanted to be a writer when I was a kid, and after years spent doing other things, I finally became one — and love it.

Getting paid to play with words all day is my idea of fun.

I love the fact that the nuances between words can change the meaning of what you write — or say — subtly or dramatically.

It’s interesting that some words are fun to say. For example, these words just roll off the tongue:

1) Serendipity

2) Onomatopoeia

And some words are downright silly. Some examples are:

1) Spork (in this case, both the word and the concept make me giggle)

2) Boondoggle (see my complete list of silly words)

Words are fun to play with, too: Scrabble, find-a-word puzzles, the game where you break  up one word into as many smaller words as you can….

And it’s hard to beat time spent reading a good book.

Then there’s the spoken word… Haven’t we all been spellbound by moving words in a movie or a speech?

Or felt pain or love as a result of someone’s words?

Isn’t is amazing that words can lift people up and bring them down?

And they can also be compelling or mind-numbingly dull.

The power of words is astonishing!

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  1. Betty says:

    Thanks for sharing this. My favorite word is Awesome.
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