Highs and Lows of October

Highs & Lows of October
October has been an incredibly action-packed month!


  1. Super Fun Fundraising Compliment Event: Raise Money and Boost MoraleI put on a Compliment Event fundraiser at work that turned out to be incredibly successful. Employees paid for about 250 compliments to be delivered to coworkers — and the things they wrote were so heartwarming! It was a real morale booster. The wild and crazy Compliment Men and Women who delivered them wore sandwich board signs and wacky hats — so it caused quite a commotion, too.
  2. Did several other work fundraisers that were entertaining: paper airplane contests, tossing ping pong balls off a balcony into buckets and a golf putting and chipping event. Was just fooling around trying to chip balls into the bucket in a kiddie pool when we didn’t have any customers  — and my ball went into the bucket with such force that it broke a hole in it! That was unexpected — and fun.Aerial adventure park
  3. My friend Cheryl and I spent an evening after work at a local aerial adventure park trying a new fitness activity. Wow! It was scary, challenging and confidence-inspiring — and I still can’t believe we did it. (Watch for a blog post about it soon.)
  4. The Charleston area got 26 inches of rain over three days (recorded less than a mile from my house) as a result of Hurricane Joaquin — but my yard only had a little puddle!
  5. Had Columbus Day off from work. Yay!
  6. Went wild and bought a beautiful bright green cardigan sweater — and a “wild (for me)” pair of ankle boots with heels to wear to work — at a REAL (nonthrift) store.
  7. Went on a pontoon boat ride with girlfriends on a beautiful fall Saturday. We went up a canal and through some locks (that rose 75 feet while we were inside) into a lake. It was like a mini-Panama Canal cruise!

Pinopolis locks


  1. STILL haven’t heard anything about compensation from United Airlines on the luggage they lost August 1. It’s been about nine weeks now since I filed the claim. I got a call from a woman at the Houston “lost luggage” center after eights weeks and she said she just got the claim and was going to start looking for the luggage! (Where the claim was all this time, I don’t know…at the bottom of a pile of them, I guess.)  When I told her the luggage was last sighted in Greece, she said lost luggage from around the world comes to Houston. Surprisingly enough, haven’t heard anything about them finding it! She indicated if they don’t find it, I’d get compensated in several more weeks (making it 12 weeks since the luggage was lost). Am not holding my breath, though! And my opinion of United is sinking lower and lower…
  2. I did a couple of extremely dumb things this month… they’re kind of funny now, but they weren’t at the time!
  3. My dear friend Joy moved away. Boo hoo!


  1. Went to get my mail after work one night, and when I opened the door the whole mailbox fell off the post onto the street! Every single one of the nails or screws that had been supporting it (eight in all) was missing. Since it was dark at the time, I just stuck it back on the post and it’s been there ever since … !

How you had a good October — and that November brings you lots of things to be thankful for.

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