9 MORE Super Fun Fundraising Ideas to Raise Big Bucks

9 MORE Super Fun Fundraising Ideas

If you want to raise funds for a charitable cause, employee services association at work, or any other reason, sometimes it’s hard to hit on a winning idea. Here are 9 MORE Super Fun Fundraising Ideas to supplement my original post of 16 Super Fun Fundraising Ideas.

1) Hold an indoor yard sale and give it an attention-getting name like the Mega Yard Sale. Then, solicit unneeded treasures from members or employees, neighbors and friends, and hold a sales event in a climate-controlled indoor location so you don’t have to worry about the weather! Price items at $.10 to $.30 on the dollar compared to retail price, group likes with likes, and publicize to appeal to bargain-hunters (who doesn’t like a great deal?) and collectors. The sale I coordinated this year in the workplace earned $954! People were happy to declutter and donate, buyers were thrilled to get bargains, our employee organization made money — and all the left-overs were donated to Goodwill. Can’t beat that!9 MORE Super Fun Fundraising Ideas

2) Compliment Event (see details)– To raise money and boost morale at the same time, hold a heart-warming Compliment Event. Customer fill in a slip with a genuine compliment for a friend or coworker, and an enthusiastic “celebrity” delivery person reads it aloud to the person (and anyone else in the vicinity) and gives him or her the document to hang on their wall. We’ve done this at work twice, and everyone loves it! People glow when they receive an unexpected compliment or kind words, and then they want to send a thoughtful compliment on to someone else.9 MORE Super Fun Fundraising Ideas

3) If you know a couple of people with green thumbs who grow lots of new plants from cuttings, tap into them and ask if they have any extra plants to donate. One employee in my workplace brought in about 50 young plants and another brought about 15. The Plant Sale we held after the Earth Day celebration generated more than $500. Lots of people bought plants for their workspaces and homes, and it was fun to see everyone talking about plants at the sale and walking around with a plant in their hand afterwards. You can tie this in with the “green” angle, health benefits from plants and more. Instead of setting fixed prices on plants, we found that placing a donation jar on the table brought in a LOT more money than we anticipated — and we didn’t need a dedicated cashier. (Just be sure to empty the jar every hour or so, so nobody is tempted…)9 MORE Super Fun Fundraising Ideas

4) Who would have ever thought that a natural phenomenon would be the source of so many super-fun fundraising possibilities…? The opportunity for an Eclipse Fundraiser (details here) doesn’t come along very often, but make the most of it during the 2017 Great American Eclipse. Sell certified-safe eclipse viewing glasses (which every single person who views the eclipse needs), hold eclipse- and solar-related creative bake sale contests and sell solar system products like Moon Pies, sun tea, Milky Way and Mars candy bars and Tang, too. Have fun with it!9 MORE Super Fun Fundraising Ideas

5) Coffee and Baked Goods Sales are easy to do and make people happy first thing in the morning, too. Stop at the donut store for a variety of donuts and slice some pound cake to sell with a nice hot cup of coffee. You can exhibit coffee bean art designs at the sales (just Google “coffee bean art” for ideas), and hold a Coffee Bean Art contest for the person who creates the most unique work of art using only coffee beans, too.

6) Ask people to create and donate container gardens and then hold a Container Garden Contest and Silent Auction to sell them (details here). The donors whose gardens generate the highest bids win the contest. This event was enormously popular the first time we did it! It was amazing to see how much people like to congregate around plants and talk about gardening, and the bidding was hot and heavy the last few minutes. The big plant here sold for $130!9 MORE Super Fun Fundraising Ideas

7) An Egg Drop Competition requires only a large tarp for the floor and little else. Invite participants to create a unique device that holds a raw egg, then have them drop it from the second floor of a building onto the floor below and attempt to land it the closest to an X mark without breaking the egg.  I first saw this competition on a cruise ship and it was amazing to see the devices contestants created from what was in their suitcases and things they could gather from around the ship.

8) After the first of the year, hold a Weight Loss Competition, charge contestants a fee to enter and award cash prizes to motivate people to lose the greatest percent of their starting weight in a set time period. (Be sure to check with your legal department beforehand for advice and a liability release waiver to have contestants sign.) You can have categories for individual male and female contestants, as well as one for teams.

9) Everyone loves ugly! Hold an Ugly Tie Contest, an Ugly Couch Contest (via photos), or an Ugly Holiday Outfit Contest — to make viewers groan and laugh. Award prizes for the most outrageous entries.

If you try one of these ideas, let us know how it turned out!

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