Make a Handy Calendar Pocket for Next Year’s Appointments (5-Minute DIY)

Make a Handy Calendar Pocket for Next Year's Appointment Cards: A 5 Minute DIY

If you’re like me, many times during the year your doctors, hair dressers or other professionals give you a card for a follow-up appointment in the next calendar year.

What do you do with it?

In the past, I resorted to taping the cards on the sides and bottom of the December calendar page — which looked cluttered and untidy.

Realized recently that the perfect solution was to make and attach a do-it-yourself pocket to the back of the December page, and insert the following year’s appointment cards there during the year.

When you get a calendar for the following year, simply mark the dates/times on the proper pages and discard the appointment cards.

It works really well!

To make a calendar pocket, get a file folder or piece of lightweight cardboard, fold it in half and cut it the width of the calendar.

Then use double-edged tape to fasten the sides of the pocket together, and insert cards in the top.

It takes less than 5 minutes!

Give it a try and see how convenient the handy calendar pocket can be.

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