Awesome Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Clothes and Accessories

Awesome Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Clothes and AccessoriesIf you’re going to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party this year (and they’re becoming more and more popular – for both sexes), a good idea to save money is to start with a basic red or green sweater and add lots of bling and jingle bells to it yourself. A tutorial on “how to make an ugly Christmas sweater” might help if you don’t have the innate ability to make clothing look tacky.

Or, you can buy an Ugly Christmas Sweater kit from Skymall that comes with a basic sweater and a ton of add-ons to adhere yourself — a timesaver.  Skymall also sells a ready-made ugly sweater that makes me cringe.

Guys, you can even buy NFL ugly Christmas sweaters (and they’re pretty hideous).

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party awardIf you’re hosting a party, don’t forget personalized awards for Tackiest Holiday Sweater. Check this one from Hobby Lobby.

Decorate your wine and liquor bottles with these Ugly Christmas Sweater covers and don’t forget to make Ugly Christmas Sweater cookies beforehand to serve to guests (or decorate them as a party activity)! (I loved the cookie idea, but when I found a box, discovered the cookies were premade — Ugly Christmas Sweater party bottle coversmaybe months ago?? — and you just decorated them. Think it would’ve been a better idea to include the mix and a sweater-shaped cookie cutter and icing, so people could make fresh cookies.)

Store photo memories of the event in an Ugly Christmas Sweater frame.

Good or bad — the ugly Christmas sweater has slowly become a holiday staple — sort of like the dreaded fruitcake.

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