Highs and Lows of January

Highs and Lows of January

January was unique this year! I celebrated Christmas and entered the 21st century. Here’s a recap.

Good things

1) My family celebrated Christmas at my house starting Jan. 1 for a week. We’d never done Christmas in January before, but it’s the only way we could coordinate everyone’s schedules! Opened presents Jan. 2 and it seemed just like Dec. 25. This year’s Christmas was especially nice, too.

2) Didn’t go back to work til Jan. 6.

3) Went on a local scrapbooking weekend with fun friends from work. Had a good time and got 33 pages done!

4) Stayed out of stores and away from shopping, intentionally, and thought my money was really stretching unusually well through the super-long month until … see #2 below.

5) Fiesta dinnerwareGot some nice Christmas gifts — including new Fiesta dinnerware in lots of pretty colors. Am going wild and changing the kitchen plates after 25 years!

6) Took my sister to Zumba class, and when she went home she found a class nearby– and now she’s hooked, too!

7) FINALLY got an iPhone — moved way up from having a (barely used) TracFone after all these years. It’s so much fun!!!

8) Had a laugh-filled “lunch with the girls” in downtown Charleston, then had a fabulous hour-and-a-half massage afterwards.

9) Finally got an “invitation” from Amazon to buy an Echo.

10) A couple of my  blog posts were featured on other sites and the blog got a lot more hits than usual this month.

11) The sun is still out now all the way home from work.  Yay! That’s a picker-upper.

12) My mom always leaves me a nice note after she visits. This time after Christmas she wrote it on a little whiteboard; still have it displayed in my kitchen and it makes me smile every time I see it. Christmas note from mom

Not-so-good things

1) Got a killer sinus infection and still have it. That’s one of the “joys” of living in the garden spot of the earth…

2) When my checkbook wouldn’t balance after all the holiday shopping, re-did the addition/subtraction on a calculator  and realized I’d made a $200 mistake. (So much for subtracting things on paper or in my head to keep the brain cells sharp…)

3) Locked myself out of my work room (and the entire building) three times in one day, by forgetting to take my swipe access card out of the computer. The security guard just said, “Again?” when I had to bang on the door to get in. Must’ve been distracted thinking about the new iPhone??

4) We’re having a Weight Loss Team Contest at work and I volunteered to coordinate it in my geographic area (thought it’d be fun to see what everyone weighs!). Unfortunately, I was having a “thinner” day when we weighed in and now I have the distinction of being the person who’s gained the most weight so far.

But… it’s February now and after this nice short month, spring will be here!

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4 Responses to Highs and Lows of January

  1. Carolann says:

    Wow exciting news on the good stuff and the bad stuff wasn’t so bad so that’s a double win win! lol Hope you have a great rest of the year too!
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  2. Elisa says:

    Hi, Diane

    It sounds like a really nice month. I’m also having a hard time shaking my Christmas weight this year. I never joined those weight loss groups because I didn’t want anyone to see how much I weighed!

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