April Firsts

April Firsts

Some”first-ever” events this month included:

1) Wearing stilettos.

StilettosWow. How do women walk in them without twisting an ankle? (To find out what made me take the plunge, see photos on my featured blog post on www.babyboomercafe.com.)

2) Crockpot dinner cooked with plastic linerCooking 5-ingredients-or-less dinners in the crockpot, using a plastic crockpot liner for effortless cleanup. The dinners turned out great (beef stew, chili and more), they’re super-easy and clean-up is a snap. (The only problem was I had to eat the same thing for six nights in a row! Next time, will divide the servings and put some in the freezer…)

3) Eating spinach quiche. Pretty wild for a picky meat-and-potatoes eater who’s never tried quiche at all! It just tasted …bland, but not bad.

4) Walking nearly 9 miles one Saturday. According to my Fitbit, (also see Fitbit after 10 Months and Fitbit Charge Review) the 21,500 steps were my record high. Had a good sleep that night, too!Don't lose your fitbit! A fabulous Fitbit accessory to keep the clasp from opening

5) Eating more healthfully. All I can say is strawberries for dessert don’t taste nearly as good as cookies. 🙂 And I discovered — the hard way — that eating strawberries six nights in a row gives me a migraine headache. 🙁 Yikes.

What did you do for the first time this month? How did it work out?



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