The Old Lady Hobble: When You Sit for a Long Time, Then Walk

Sitting for a Long Time, Then Walking_ The Old Lady Hobble

After sitting for an extended time, when you get up, do you do the old lady hobble for the first few steps?

Almost everyone grudgingly accepts that they’ll get gray hair, put on some weight or wear bifocals when they age…

But who thought it’d be a problem to simply stand up and walk? In your 50s?

Apparently, joints get stiff when you sit for a long time, which is what causes it.

I hate it — and do everything possible to avoid it. Here are some tips to reduce the old lady hobble:

  • Do stretches when you wake up in the morning — even before you get out of bed. It makes you feel great and gets the kinks out.
  • Rotate your ankles in circles occasionally when you’re sitting for a long time — or point and extend your toes a few times.
  • Move around as much as possible to avoid sitting for long stretches.

These tricks don’t work every time, but they do help.

Obviously, it’s helpful to exercise regularly and keep joints limber, since Dr. Oz and others say they can predict people’s life span by the sitting/rising test. Try it and see how you do!

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