100 Simple Secrets of Happy People: A Book Review

100 Simple Secrets of Happy People: A Book Review

I’m a happiness junkie.

Although I’ve always been a pretty happy and optimist person, just can’t resist reading books about happiness. Who wouldn’t want to feel just a little better if they could?

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Until today, I’ve always thought Gretchen Rubin’s “The Happiness Project” was the best “happiness” book.

But The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People: What Scientists Have Learned and How You can Use It, by Dr. David Niven, is spot on.

It’s short and sweet — and cuts right to the heart of actions people can take to make their lives happier.

And all 100 actions are backed by psychological studies proving their effectiveness at increasing life satisfaction (providing great motivation to take those actions!)

Each of the book’s chapters is a mere page or two — but it packs a wallop. The chapters begin with a happiness principle, give an everyday example of it and end with a summary of a psychological study that proves why the item is a predictor of happiness.

I typed the chapters of the book and put them on my vanity as a reminder of principles to keep in mind every day!

Here are the Top 20 suggestions:

  1. Have a purpose in life
  2. Spend more time thinking about information that brightens your outlook than about unpleasant events
  3. Keep a notebook of ideas and thoughts
  4. Be positive
  5. Don’t forget to have fun
  6. Be open to new ideas and willing to adapt
  7. Show others how important they are to you
  8. Get a hobby
  9. Don’t confuse stuff with success
  10. Volunteer
  11. Exercise
  12. It’s not what happened, it’s how you perceive it
  13. Laugh
  14. Busy is better than bored
  15. Accomplish something every day
  16. Do things you’re good at
  17. Be agreeable
  18. Listen to music
  19. Believe in ultimate justice
  20. Don’t forget to have fun (repeating this in case you missed it the first time!)

Check out the book to get the whole list.

You can read it in two hours, and it just might change your life.

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  2. Hey,

    Wonderful review on 100 simple Secrets of Happy people. I really enjoyed the suggestions which you have discussed here. I have learned many things from this review. Here you have tried to suggest by the most useful tip which is really awesome and great beneficial for everyone.

    I really like this all suggestion and always try to implement in my life. I think this book will be better to prefer and read. Hope people love to have this.

    Thanks for sharing such amazing thing..

    Have a great week ahead..
    – Ravi. 🙂
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