Online Dating Scams: Scammers are Ruining Over-50 Online Dating!

Scammers are Ruining Over-50 Online Dating

I’ve been doing online dating for about 15 years — and met two men online that I had long, happy relationships with.

But now… online dating has changed. In years past, when you got an email from a nice-looking man, it was a good thing.

If he lived somewhere in a 25-mile radius, could put sentences together and appeared fairly normal — better yet.

There was potential. (After all, it just takes one good man.)

But now — scammers are taking over online dating sites and preying on women over 50.

Here are the classic signs:

  1. You get an email from a good-looking man.
  2. The man compliments you profusely.
  3. The man wants you to write back from your personal email — outside of the safety of the online dating site — to his personal¬† email.
  4. The way he writes may indicate that English is not his native language.
  5. He tells you how rich he is, and the reason that “business” has taken him out of the country for an extended period of time.
  6. He eventually asks things that are not typical getting-to-know-you dating questions, such as, “Do you own your home?”
  7. If you write to him from your personal email account and check the online dating site, you’ll notice his profile is no longer available — so you can’t report him.
  8. Ultimately, he tells you a sob story about how he needs money for some emergency — and asks you to send it to him.

It’s gotten so bad that I’m immediately suspicious if a good-looking man writes me online, and even more so if he starts his email with compliments. How sad is that?!

The abundance of online dating scams is such a disappointment!

It’s hard to tell now which men are “real” and which are scammers!

A friend of a friend fell for stories from three different strangers she’d never met and ended up giving them her entire retirement account and life savings. So it pays to be cautious.

It’s always been fairly easy (and entertaining!) to find a good man on a dating site, but why did this one way to meet men have to become such a challenge?


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