11 Easy Ways to Express Gratitude

11 easy ways to express gratitude

Studies show that people who express gratitude have a happier life than those who don’t — so take a few minutes to consider one of the methods below to give thanks for the things you have. Taking a couple minutes a day to count your blessings will definitely lift your spirits!

  1. Create a list of the nicest things people have ever done for you.
  2. Start a “3 Good Things” journal and take a minute to note three nice things that happen every day; I like to do it the last thing before falling asleep. It’s much less daunting than starting an official gratitude journal! And there are very few days when you can’t come up with three things for the list. (If all else fails, you can write: The weather was nice.  Nothing horrible happened. I’m happy to be alive.)
  3. Create a Happiness Jar.
  4. Instead of saying you “have to” do things, state that you “get to” do them.
  5. Build your friends up. Don’t be shy — thank them by complimenting them and telling them some of the reasons you like them!
  6. Make this no-cost gift for someone you love. I guarantee they’ll treasure it.
  7. Take a few minutes at the end of each month to jot down the good things that happened.
  8. Make a list of why something you experienced was outstanding.
  9. Write a note to someone who changed your life.
  10. Think about why you like the things you do.
  11. Appreciate life by focusing on things that make you laugh.
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