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Decluttering Continued: An Inexpensive Way to Organize Outdoor Flags

For years, I’ve been a fan of large outdoor flags that festoon the house and wave gaily from a pole on the front porch. But I needed an inexpensive way to organize the outdoor flags.

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Finally Finished Decluttering Kitchen Cabinets: What an Accomplishment!

Several weeks ago, I took every single thing out of most of my kitchen cabinets. Piles of dishes, containers, mixing bowls, cookbooks, plates and napkins, serving dishes, ice buckets, vases, light bulbs, coolers, dish towels, aprons and more covered my … Continue reading

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Decluttering the Kitchen Counter — Weeks 11 and 12 of 52

The stacks of paperwork and general chaos on my kitchen counter has been driving me crazy for a while now! Although most of the papers are jam-packed in containers, you can see there’s a lot of themĀ  — as well … Continue reading

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Make a Handy Calendar Pocket for Next Year’s Appointments (5-Minute DIY)

If you’re like me, many times during the year your doctors, hair dressers or other professionals give you a card for a follow-up appointment in the next calendar year. What do you do with it? In the past, I resorted … Continue reading

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