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Finally Finished Decluttering Kitchen Cabinets: What an Accomplishment!

Several weeks ago, I took every single thing out of most of my kitchen cabinets. Piles of dishes, containers, mixing bowls, cookbooks, plates and napkins, serving dishes, ice buckets, vases, light bulbs, coolers, dish towels, aprons and more covered my … Continue reading

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Decluttering Kitchen Cabinets: ALL of Them at Once

I vowed to declutter my entire house during 2016 and even picked “declutter” as my 2016 word of the year. Have done pretty well so far — and my biggest accomplishments to date have been decluttering the entire garage (which … Continue reading

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Domestic Decluttering : Week 7 of 52 — Decluttering Pots and Pans

Boy, it’s been years since I looked through my pots and pans/overflow utensil cabinet! Took everything out and spread it on a towel on the floor. How did all the stuff in the photo above fit inside?

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