Decluttering Kitchen Cabinets: ALL of Them at Once

Decluttering the kitchen

I vowed to declutter my entire house during 2016 and even picked “declutter” as my 2016 word of the year.

Have done pretty well so far — and my biggest accomplishments to date have been decluttering the entire garage (which was a horrible mess) and cleaning and organizing the kitchen pantry and the linen closet (as well as some other miscellaneous areas — the downstairs bathroom, the pots and pans cabinet, and under the kitchen sink).

But  one of my biggest stumbling blocks was tackling the kitchen cabinets.

My brother-in-law teases me every Christmas when he visits and says when he opens the cabinets to finding cooking supplies that things “fall out on his head.” And it’s true.

Last night I opened the chocolate liqueur that I found in one of the cabinets (Six bottles! Who knew?), poured some over ice, and took every single thing out of every cabinet that hasn’t been decluttered yet.

Yikes! Kitchen stuff is everywhere!

It filled six laundry baskets and there are piles on towels on the kitchen floor (see the photo above) and on the floor in the computer room, too (see the photo below).

How did all that stuff fit in those cabinets?

Decluttering the kitchen

But … I’ve finally started on the big project (which is often the hardest part) — and that’s all that counts!

I plan to sort through everything 15 minutes a day (as FlyLady‘s advises) and it’ll be finished when it’s finished. (Except I woke up this morning and realized book club is at my house in six days… maybe my friends won’t notice?)

At this point I’m glad to go to work every day to get away from the mess! There’s nowhere to go but up.

UPDATE: Here are the results of this amazing accomplishment!

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