Beauty of an Eclectic Christmas Tree

Beauty of an Eclectic Christmas Tree

Every year, I skim through Christmas magazines and admire the elegant, tastefully decorated trees in them.

“Someday,” I think, “I’ll have a gorgeous tree with matching bulbs and ornaments just like that.”

But then December comes and I pull the crates of ornaments from the attic.

Unwrapping each carefully packed item brings back fond thoughts of good times past. There’s a story behind each one: the various sports my son played and his favorite things during different “phases” (Wizard of Oz, Ninja Turtles, Magic Schoolbus, Power Rangers, etc.), vacations, our first computer, our kayaks, gift ornaments from friends…

The ornaments don’t match — and to someone else, they may seem like a hodgepodge of junk — but the memories evoked from an eclectic Christmas tree are beautiful to me.

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