Yikes! When Did Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties Start?

When did Christmas Sweaters BecomeTacky?I’ve always loved decorated Christmas sweaters, vests and t-shirts, and have worn them during the holidays for years.

Every year on Black Friday, I happily rise before the sun comes up, dress in a festive top, arrive at the mall and get in the holiday spirit that day.

Many of the other shoppers are wearing their cheerful holiday garments and everyone’s having a great time getting bargains.

It’s a tradition I look forward to.

The only problem is it’s hard to find a Christmas top that’s cute but classy-looking, because, for some unknown reason, manufacturers go way overboard on the embellishments for most of them… I always try to buy the most conservative ones available.

That’s why I was horrified to be shopping in a local thrift store during December a few years ago and overhear some teenaged girls giggling and looking for clothes there for an Ugly Christmas Sweater party. (I’d never heard of such a thing before.)

It was a good place to shop for a Christmas top but… as my eyes moved slowly down to the holiday sweater I was wearing, I couldn’t help but wonder if they thought it qualified for their party? At least they didn’t offer to buy it from me…

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7 Responses to Yikes! When Did Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties Start?

  1. Carolann says:

    I just saw this past weekend on Fox news, they had a segment on ugly Christmas sweaters lol. They were really bad. lol. I think this has become all the rage the past few years. They have contests all over the place now. Some of them are hysterical. There is a huge difference between a beautifully decorative holiday sweater and the ones that are created I think specifically for shock value. I think they are fun to wear…I’d wear one too!
    Carolann recently posted…MailPoet Premium Plugin Review For WordPressMy Profile

  2. Denise McCarney says:

    Hi Diane!
    This was a great blog, surprised to hear you’ve never heard of the Ugly Sweater Parties. Both of my daughters get the biggest kick out of going to these parties wearing my old Holiday ugly sweaters and sweatshirts…….there were some real “doozies”. Your shirt in this pic is very calm and I’m sure no one made fun and even if they did who cares!!!
    I miss y”all at book club so much. Please give my best to everyone. I read your blog every morning and love it!!!

    Happy Holidays to All Denise

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