Anti Monkey Butt Powder: A Weird but Fun Gift

Anti Monkey Butt Powder: A Weird but Fun Gift


This weird and wacky gift might be perfect for your brother or a fun-loving friend. And it only costs about $8.

Monkey Butt anti-friction powder “leaves you dry and comfortable,” according to the ad.

And its off-the-wall name and goofy illustration will surely give the gift recipient a laugh.

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I admit to buying a container of Monkey Butt anti-friction powder for a fun-loving boyfriend once because one of the company’s ads said it was perfect for truck drivers — which he was. He laughed when he opened it and he never developed a case of monkey butt, that I know of.

Why not add it to your gift list today? It’s also available in Lady Monkey Butt for the women in your life or a handy three-pack, which could be a unique gift for three lucky people.

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