2016 Life Goals

2016 Life Goals

I wrote in the last blog post about the mixed results from my 2015 life goals and decided maybe there were too many and my plan was a little too ambitious.

So, this year my goal is to concentrate on trying to improve fewer things! Here they are.

  1. Declutter one section of the house every week — and document it by taking “before” and “after pix, like Victoria Huizinga did on her blog, Snail Pace Transformation. It was very inspiring!
  2. Do one new thing a week (it doesn’t have to be big).
  3. Drink more water. (Need to find a way to measure it. I know there’s an app. Has anyone tried it?)
  4. Stay in touch with my family more (mostly by email — and more visits, too).
  5. Try online banking (which everyone else did years ago).
  6. Try to get an average of 65,000 steps a week on the Fitbit I’ve been using for more than two years. Walked 2,644,033 million steps last year (wow! that’s 1,106 miles), and that averaged 50,847 a week. Only need to get about a million more steps this year (actually, only 735,967 — to be exact).

What are your resolutions for 2016?

Putting them out here publicly (using your blog to stick to your resolutions: great point, Lauren Regan!) gives you more motivation to accomplish them!

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