Mixed 2015 Life Goals Results: Some Wins, Some Dismal Failures

Mixed 2015 Life Goals Results: Some Wins, Some Dismal Failures

Had great expectations last year in creating my 2015 life goals — and I accomplished enough of them to feel pretty good about it. Here are the results — some achievements and… some dismal failures…


✅  Earn or save enough money to pay for smart phones and monthly service for my son, daughter-in-law, and me (we’re currently about the only people on the planet who still use TracFones.Yay! Love, love, love my iPhone!

Technical/Professional (Writing/Publishing)

✅  Make reservations and go to the annual BlogHer blogging conference in NYC in July. Meet some of the nice women in person whose blogs I love to read! Did it! Made the trip to the Big Apple and it was quite an experience. And I did get to meet two bloggers in real life that  I’d met online.

✅  Learn to use a smart phone. Can do the fundamentals, but I’ve only made it through Chapter 4 of my iPhones for Dummies book…  Maybe this should be half a checkmark?

✅ Increase growth of my blog. Did it and it’s awesome. Am not in the big leagues, but it’s coming along…


✅  Learn more about blogging at the BlogHer conference and through reading and research Check

✅   Explore ways to earn money through blogging and implement one or more of them Earning a total of less than $40 for the year isn’t amazing, but you’ve gotta start somewhere…


✅  Plan and go on at least one fun, long vacation (it’s always great to have something to look forward to!) Maybe another Princess cruise? Got that one down! Took a cruise to the Mediterranean and loved it!


  • DISMAL FAILURE  Put more effort into finding someone nice to date (Mr. Right isn’t going to come knocking at my door, apparently…) And online dating horror stories provide plenty of material for my blog.


✅  Find new athletic and recreational activities to try (and write about) Did lots of fun things — went to an aerial adventure park, tried polga and  aerial yoga,  and (ta da!) took an exotic chair dancing class

  • DISMAL FAILURE Do yoga on a regular basis and add more daily stretching to my fitness routine (Loved polga and aerial yoga, but they were both too expensive to do on a regular basis. Darn.)


  • DISMAL FAILURE  Do something to help single moms in need

Quirky and Fun

  • DISMAL FAILURE  Take dance lessons?
  • DISMAL FAILURE  Go line dancing at a bar?

OK – it is what it is. On to 2016!

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