15 Ways to Find Good Books to Read

15 Ways to Find Good Books to Read

If you’re an avid reader, there’s nothing worse than to finish a book and not have another one waiting. Check out 15 ways to find good books to read.

  1. When you’re in Target, check the “Club Picks” shelf and take photos of books you want to read. Order them from a library or buy them.
  2. Join a “Read Anything” book club where members meet monthly to share info about the books they’ve read (I go to one at my library and it’s great! It’s so much fun to talk to other people who also love to read, and we all get great ideas for books.)
  3. Ask your friends if they’ve read anything good lately.
  4. Check Parade magazine’s “Books We Love” column in the Sunday newspaper.
  5. Check Oprah magazine’s recommended books every month.
  6. Check the New York Times best seller list – in the local newspaper or on your local library’s website.
  7. Check your local library’s website for new books, recommended books, etc.
  8. Follow authors you like. Many times you can register on their website to get notifications about new book releases. You can also Google authors you like to find their latest books or check on Amazon.
  9. Go to Barnes and Noble and check the “Employee Picks” shelf.
  10. Search Pinterest for book reviews.
  11. Check lists of award-winning books or Google “Best nonfiction of 2018” and other categories for lists of books.
  12. When you buy books on Amazon, check where it says “Frequently Bought Together” and “Customers who bought this item also bought…”
  13. See if your local library’s website provides suggestions based on books you order; there may be a “You may also like…” list of other books.
  14. Google the type of books you like. For example, I love psychological thrillers and find lots of ideas by doing that. You can also check for medical mysteries, legal mysteries, and lots of other categories.
  15. Google “best books of 2017” (or any year) or go to Amazon and search for a similar list there.

Best of luck — and may you always find good books to read!

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5 Responses to 15 Ways to Find Good Books to Read

  1. Elisa says:

    Hi, Diane,

    Do you use the Libby app? I was buying all my digital books, but have started to use the app. Some books are available now and some you have to wait for, but they email you, and you keep the book for three weeks. I appreciate that it looks like the Kindle app when you are searching for a book. I read two books at the beginning of the summer that I liked a lot: An American Marriage and The Marriage of Opposites. I just finished Sourdough: A Novel. It is silly but good for a light read. I thought When Life Gives you Lululemons was OK. I liked Love and Ruin, because I liked The Paris Wife, and I enjoy reading books about Hemingway even though I’m not wild about books by him.

    • I never heard the librarian mention the Libby app at the Read Anything book club, but will ask her about that. I liked The Paris Wife, too! Will have to check out those other books.

  2. ashwini says:

    Its very helpful to find the best books by using your tips. Thank you very much for sharing such wonderful tips.

  3. Sam Gibson says:

    My wife and I love to read novels that include a great deal of drama. We’re also hoping to form a book club so we can find great books to discuss as a group. I love your tip about following authors you like by registering on their website and getting notifications for new book releases.

  4. I really want to find some good books to read. I liked what you said about how it would be smart to consider looking at lists of good book series. It seems like a good idea to look up subsections of books that you want to read.

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