Weight Watchers Now: Wow!

Weight Watchers Now: Wow

The last (and only) time I was a Weight Watchers member was 14 years ago when they offered a program at work. Got down to my goal and became a lifetime member.

But somehow over the years, the weight slowly crept back. I was crazy enough to take my measurements recently (yikes!), and, believe me, I wasn’t smiling like the woman above…

For some reason, I associate what I weighed during various points in life the last 20 years in terms of which boyfriend I had at the time.

The first boyfriends after my divorce long ago hung around with “Diane lite,” and the last one kept company with the more substantial woman — in many ways.

After gaining a few pounds around my birthday this year (must’ve been the cake and ice cream), then going on a 11-day cruise and gaining a few pounds more, I bit the bullet and joined WW again.

Wow – has it changed!

Smart Points system

It’s still based on a point system, where every food has a set number of points. You’re allocated a total number every day (around 30) — and you also get some “bonus” points to use throughout the week as you choose — or not. The bonus points come in handy if you’re attending a birthday party or other “eating” event.

You can pick whatever foods you like. All fruits and vegetables are zero points, so you can eat them often (within reason).

And now, unlike before, “unhealthy” foods (sweets and anything that tastes yummy) contain a LOT of points. So much so that you have to ask yourself if you want to blow 1/3 or more of the day’s points to have that candy bar.

The new system is called Smart Points, and the focus is on healthy eating vs. losing weight fast.

I’ve been on the plan for 2.5 weeks and have eaten more bananas and grapes than I’ve eaten in my entire life during that time! But…haven’t used many of the bonus points and have lost 5 pounds.

Weight Watchers sells products that are labeled with the number of points. Frozen dinners are available in grocery stores, and snack products are sold at Weight Watchers meetings. The chocolate-pretzel-like treats (only 2 points) are not real big (more bite-sized than full-sized), but they’re really satisfying between meals when you crave crunchy food or sweets.

weight watchers chocolate snack

My favorite Weight Watchers snack!

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And I’ve found a sugar-free Smuckers chocolate syrup that’s low in points and is incredibly delicious.  It’s wonderful drizzled over fresh strawberries or on bananas. After finishing the first container, I couldn’t find it again in local stores, and was FORCED to order a box of 12 from amazon.com. (!!!) Hopefully, it’ll last for a while. 🙂

Weight Watchers Now: Wow

Weight Watchers app

The coolest thing about the new WW program is that you no longer have to carry and whip out a slide-rule-like paper calculator to determine the number of points for various food items when you’re shopping.

Now, you simply download an app on your smart phone and scan the UPC code on any product to see how many points it contains.

You can also search the app for specific products by name, and store your favorites to use again. And you can search chain restaurants (say, Wendy’s) and get the point count on various foods. That’s very handy.

And you track your daily points on the app, too. It does all the subtraction for you and makes everything super easy.

That app is so much fun!

Weekly weigh-ins and meetings

Weight Watchers still hold weekly support meetings (a good place to learn tips and tricks, and swap low-point food ideas) and weigh-ins. If those aren’t convenient, you can do the program online, too.

Give it a try

If you haven’t been to Weight Watchers recently, check it out. It’s come a long way!

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10 Responses to Weight Watchers Now: Wow!

  1. Carolann says:

    Wow, Weight Watchers sounds great! I’ll have to give it a try too!
    Carolann recently posted…How To Make The Best Classic Waldorf Salad Ever!My Profile

  2. Melissa says:

    Thanks for the tips! =)

    The chocolate syrup sounds great! And…I love bananas and strawberries!

  3. Elisa says:

    Good for you! I know another lady our age who is really losing on Weight Watchers right now. Good tip about the chocolate syrup.

    • blogqueendiane says:

      Thanks. Went to the meeting tonight and got a keychain for my first 5-lb. loss. Yay. I told the people there about the syrup, too, although they were all talking about veggies…

  4. Katy Kozee says:

    I tried the online weight watchers recently and didn’t lose a pound but I’m going to try again by going to meetings. I think those are the key – the people I’ve known who have been successful are the ones who went to meetings. Just something about the support.
    Katy Kozee recently posted…My KonMari Clean Up One Year LaterMy Profile

    • blogqueendiane says:

      I do think the meetings help keep you motivated, and you pick up great ideas from the other people. You can also buy WW products there, like the 2 point chocolate pretzel snacks. Thanks for stopping by!

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