Some of My Favorite Products and Services

Some of my favorite products and servicesA lot of people write extended rants on their blogs about products or services that they find to be less than satisfactory. I’ve had my share of those unfortunate experiences, and have been tempted more than once to create an “I Hate XX” blog. When I calmed down I realized doing that would just spin me up again, and decided against it.

For something different — and in a spirit of admiration — let me tell you about some products and services that I truly love. (I am an Amazon affiliate and can receive compensation if you purchase a product from them through a link on this site — but I’d never endorse anything I didn’t think was the best.)

1) Diet Coke – especially from Wendy’s. Now I love Diet Coke from just about any restaurant fountain (no bottles or cans, please), but there’s something about Wendy’s that makes it taste better than anyone else’s. Maybe the Diet Coke to water ratio? Who knows – but it is so yummy.

2) Nissan Sentras. Have had four of them in a row and they are wonderful, low maintenance, long-lasting cars. One of my previous Nissans (The Graymobile) lasted for 15 years and had more than 200,000 miles on it.  It also held up through years of a teenage boy driving it. My last Sentra (Goldie — I always name my cars) was 11 years old and has 125,000 miles. Recently bought a new Nissan, but hated to give Goldie up because she just ran so well…

3) Boob-eez Headlight Concealers. Round silicone “headlight concealers” — and not for the car. Great concept – and they work well. (Interestingly enough, they were created by a teen-age girl.)

4) Zumba® and Body Pump™ exercise routines. They make you feel SO good.

5) Not Your Daughter’s Jeans — they have the best fit (with something built in to hold in the tummy), are cute and youthful looking, and they make me feel attractive (see my previous blog post about them)

6) Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Tracker — it’s fun, have lost several pounds since getting it, and am much more aware of the level of my activity (or lack of activity) and motivated to move (see my original blog post about it, the one written after using the original Fitbit for ten months, the Fitbit Charge review and the great product to keep Fitbit from opening and falling off).

7) Zip-It Drain Cleaning Tool— the easiest way ever to unclog your drain. No chemicals, no fuss — takes less than five minutes. And it’s inexpensive, too.

What are some of your favorite products – and why?

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