Nothing Makes You Feel Better than a BODY PUMP Workout

Nothing Makes You Feel Better than a BODY PUMP Wiorkout

OK, the title “NOTHING Makes You Feel Better than a BODY PUMP™ Workout” may’ve been a tiny bit misleading – because I can actually think of one thing that feels better… But the feeling you have after you’ve lifted weights for an hour in a BODY PUMP™ class and worked all your major muscles is simply incredible.

Body Pump class #2BODY PUMP™ is a choreographed weight lifting class done to upbeat music. The workout consists of squats, presses, lifts and curls, abs and a cool down.

It shapes and tones your muscles using low weights and high repetitions. In fact, during a 60-minute class, you do about 800 reps of various exercises!

BODY PUMP™ instructors go through Body Pump classrigorous training and must be certified before they can teach. They watch carefully to make sure students are using the correct form and don’t hurt themselves.

I’ve done BODY PUMP™ once a week for about eight years now — since the classes were first offered at my health club — and still love the way it makes me feel.

After a session, all  muscles have been worked hard, and you’ve cooled down and done some relaxing stretching…. it’s a real high. (I admit, though, on days when I’m not feeling as strong as usual, I occasionally think  during class, “How much longer?” — but not very often!)

If  you haven’t taken a class and have the opportunity, give it a try. It’s addicting.

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