Super Thrifty — But These are the Things I’m Willing to Splurge On

Super Thrifty -- But These are the Things I'm Willing to Splurge OnEven the thriftiest person has some indulgence they’re willing to spend their hard-earned money on. It might be a small thing like Starbucks coffee, a special lipstick or a hobby item. Or something bigger.

I come from a frugal family — which is a good thing — and I pinch pennies and try to get the most bang out of every buck. Don’t mind being a careful shopper most of the time and buying many things used, but I’m willing to spring for a few big-ticket things that are important to me:

1) Helping my son financially. He’s working full-time on a Ph.D. and is crazy busy, but he’s a great kid who’s very smart and has a bright future — and it’s my pleasure to help when I can.

2) Traveling and vacations — like to take at least two nice vacations a year. Usually a cruise. Sometimes get a balcony cabin (big indulgence) and sometimes get an interior cabin, but the trips are always relaxing. A yearly weekend scrapbooking retreat and a couple of vacation days here and there in a Myrtle Beach oceanfront room are nice, too. Vacations make great memories (which you can’t put a price on) and they’re good for your mental health!

3) Occasional massages. Aaaahhh. The ultimate stress reliever.

4) New, high-quality couches. You can keep them a long time and get your money’s worth!

5) Scrapbooking paper. I can usually make my own embellishments, but part of the fun of scrapbooking is buying the beautiful paper.

6) Gym membership/Zumba® classes. Exercising increases your energy, improves your fitness — and it’s a great stress reliever!

If you’re thrifty, too, what things are you willing to splurge on?

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