Thrift Store Treasures #4

Thrift Store Treasures #4Spent about $34 last weekend and bought the following thrift store treasures:

1) 3 pairs of identical leather slingback shoes ($5.99 each) in beige, blue and black (like new)

2) A pair of bright blue leather shoes ($4.99) – great condition

3) Two distressed wooden frames ($1.99 each)

4) A pair of Adidas athletic shorts with pockets (finding this style shorts with pockets is really hard!) – $3.99

5) A decorative Christmas bulb holder (which I plan to use to hang the jewelry I’m going to wear the next day the night ahead, to make getting dressed in the morning faster) – $1.99

If I’d bought the same items at full price, I estimate they would’ve cost at least $219:

1) $120 for 3 pairs of leather shoes at $40 each

2) $60 for blue leather shoes (from Kohls, according to the label inside)

3) Wooden frames – at least $7 each  — $14

4) Bulb holder – $5

5) Adidas shorts – $20

I saved $185 and am a happy shopper. 🙂

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