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Holiday Observation #2

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18 Fun Family Christmas Activities

Here are 18 fun holiday activities to entertain everyone and keep things lively.

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Thoughts Mothers Have During Christmas Decorating

I bet a lot of women have the same mental conversations I do during Christmas decorating…

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A Fun Holiday Motto

This is a great motto for the holidays!

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Anti Monkey Butt Powder: A Weird but Fun Gift

  This weird and wacky gift might be perfect for your brother or a fun-loving friend. And it only costs about $8.

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Highs and Lows of November

November was a good month!

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Fond Family Memories: A No-Cost Heartwarming Gift for Parents

If  your parents are at the point in life where they don’t need any more “things” for Christmas or you just want to give them a meaningful gift — create a one-of-a-kind “Fond Family Memories” jar.”

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Highs and Lows of January

January was unique this year! I celebrated Christmas and entered the 21st century. Here’s a recap. Good things 1) My family celebrated Christmas at my house starting Jan. 1 for a week. We’d never done Christmas in January before, but … Continue reading

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Highs and Lows of December

It’s time for a new year – amazing!  December was really unique this year. Here’s a recap. Good things 1) Went on a week-long Carribbean cruise on Princess Cruise Lines and had a great time. Did so many fun and physically active … Continue reading

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Make an Inexpensive Christmas Gift for Less Than $5

Most stores sell pre-packaged Christmas-time-blooming bulbs, such as  narcissi (known as paperwhites), in a flower pot. Prices range from $8 – $20, and they make a nice gift. However, you can make the same thing for your friends and family for … Continue reading

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