Seven Ways I Saved Money in July

7 Ways I Saved Money In July

Like every thrifty shopper, I’m always on the lookout for new and different ways to cut costs. Here are seven ways I saved money in July:

  1. Invested in a great water bottle ($10 plus shipping), so I can stop buying so much bottled water.
  2. Saved money on electricity by using my programmable thermostat to keep my house warmer during the day while I’m at work and at night, I aim a couple fans at myself while sleeping to supplement the air conditioning.
  3. Saved money on already-on-sale summer clothing at a department store by asking the clerk if she had any store coupons; she scanned one from a newspaper ad that got me an additional $10 off the “50% off of 50% off” items!
  4. Bought printer ink cartridges at Cartridge World, where you return your used ink cartridge and they give you credit on a new refilled cartridge (this is WAY cheaper than buying a manufacturer’s cartridge at an office store, and I rarely have trouble with the cartridges; if I do, they give me a new one)
  5. Got photos developed from my digital camera using a RiteAid “Buy 20, get 20” reprint coupon (love the gratification of getting your prints instantly, and their coupon is good for the “immediate prints” machine, where other drugstores’ coupons exclude it)
  6. Use a Swiffer-like tool with a washable cover (sold at Family Dollar), eliminating the need to buy disposable covers
  7. Got some great deals on magazine subscriptions by using Groupon promotions. For $5 each, I renewed my subscriptions to O, the Oprah Magazine (normally $15 at the best price possible) and Real Simple (normally about $24 a year). Saved $29 with the two renewals!

Hope you found some bargains in July, too! Feel free to share them here.


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