Embarrassing Mistakes — #5 in What Seems to be a Series

Embarrassing Mistakes -- #5 in What Seems to be a Series

Two extremely dumb things happened to me this month.

One Saturday, I woke up early to get to a scrapbook crop to meet friends, but needed to do some errands first.

I drove down the street, turned the corner and saw a yard sale on the right side of the road, which reminded me I’d planned to go to one on the street behind my house. So, I did a quick U-turn in the intersecting road.

That would’ve been OK if I’d driven slowly (like I normally do) and backed up to make sure I didn’t run over the curb.  I didn’t quite make the 360 degree turn and was going faster than usual, but figured I’d just go over the curb. (I don’t drink coffee and probably wasn’t wide awake and alert yet; that’s my excuse, anyway.)

Unfortunately, there was a wide sewer drain in the curb, and, as luck would have it, my tire struck it — making a loud, grating noise — before completing the turn.

I tried to back up, but the car wouldn’t move at all.

When I got out to look, I saw that the tire was wedged in the sewer drain sideways, parallel to the curb.

Embarrassomg Mistakes

Thoughts raced through my head about how embarrassing and time-consuming it would be to call AAA.

So I decided to walk over to the yard sale across the street (I’d seen a man there) and ask meekly if he could help me. Two young men followed me over to my car — and I could see them rolling their eyes at each other.

After they expressed amazement that a car could be stuck in a sewer drain, they said they thought if they lifted up on the bumper of the car as I reversed it, it might release. (The scratches on the concrete above are from where my bumper was jammed on the top.)

The most openly skeptical man warned me, “Be sure you’re in reverse!” (OK, I deserved that.)

So I put it in reverse, and, with them lifting the front of the car, I was able to back up and get out. I couldn’t get away quick enough — but they shouted after me, “Be sure to get your tires checked! And your alignment!”

The hubcab in the middle of the tire is all scratched and actually chipping off at the edge (it looks like metal, but it’s obviously plastic). The tire is scratched, too — a very visible reminder of an incredibly embarrassing incident.

Embarrassomg Mistakes

I still cringe every time I pass that corner…


About two weeks later, I was at work on a busy day and took a break to go to the restroom. I went into the cafe to get a Diet Coke after that.

A man I know came up and made small talk for a minute while I was filling my cup, and then said, “Someone is going to tell you this. Your dress is stuck.” Then he pointed to the back of my longish, flowing dress.

I quickly put skirt-up2up my hand to feel the back of the dress, and realized the hem was caught in the top of my underwear and pantyhose.

I’d walked down a long hallway and through the busy cafe with my underpants showing.

I was horrified, but all I could do was blush and say to him, “Thanks. Now you know what color underwear I have on, huh?”

I’ve read about women getting their skirt stuck like this, but never thought it would happen to me.

It’ll be a long time before I wear that dress again…

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