Blown Away by January 21st Women’s March on Washington

 Blown Away by January 21st Women’s March on Washington

Millions of women (and men and children) around the world joined in the Women’s March today — Jan. 21, 2017 — in solidarity to stand up for women’s rights and to send a powerful message to recently sworn-in President Donald Trump and all other men who belittle, insult and degrade women by their attitudes, their words and their actions.

I’m blown away by each and every one of the participants and the intensity of their beliefs.

It was a joy to see Gloria Steinem, as well as other well-known and unknown women of all ages, stand up and speak out against Trump’s — and other men’s — misogyny, racism, and sexism  —  and remind us that women have untold power — and this is the time to use it to change the world for the better.

And I especially love the Pussyhat project as a symbol for this spirited drive.

At first, I wondered what the unusual pink hats symbolized when watching videos of the marches, then looked it up — and had tears in my eyes thinking about women who couldn’t attend the marches knitting and donating caps to help marchers make a statement. And for the women, men and children in countries around the world who joined American women today — marching to protest the unacceptable words and actions of the man who leads the U.S. and other like-minded men.

As one woman interviewed on television said, “I can’t believe we’re still fighting for women’s rights.”

When I was a new college graduate in the 70s and applied for a job as a bank loan officer, I was told after the interview “Sorry, you’re very qualified but we already have a woman (singular) loan officer (for 29 branches).” And for some reason, the man called me back days later and made me a job offer, which I accepted; they probably realized they could pay me a lot less than a man.

Nearly 40 years later, women are still fighting the same fight for equal rights and equal pay.

Outgoing governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley once directed state employees to answer the phones with the greeting “It’s a great day in South Carolina,” but I live in South Carolina and believe this is a great day around the world.

Here’s a place to find information to follow-up actions  from the Women’s March:

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12 Responses to Blown Away by January 21st Women’s March on Washington

  1. Diane, thank you for submitting your timely and eloquent post on this weekend’s women march.

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  2. Elisa says:

    Things were so different in the 70s and from the pictures, it looked like a lot of women our age went. My daughter in law and her family went, and from Facebook posts I learned there were quite a few friends there.

  3. Elisa says:

    Yes, there was one in town with about 25,000.

  4. Elisa says:

    I always think of Anchorman. What in the h*** is diversity!?!

  5. Marcy says:

    I loved hearing your thoughts on this, Diane, and hearing about your experiences in the 70s. It’s been great seeing inspiring people step up and speak out. I live in a “blue” state and have been in such a bubble about how so much of the country had been feeling, but I still can’t quite grasp how someone could still be proudly supporting Trump.
    Marcy recently posted…At the Boston Women’s March: The Seeds are PlantedMy Profile

    • blogqueendiane says:

      Hi Marcy — thanks for writing. A bunch of women friends and I want to get more politically involved after the Women’s March, so the momentum keeps on!

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