Having an Eclipse Party? Head to Target for Fun Supplies

Having an Eclipse Party? Head to Target for Fun Supplies

The 2017  Great American Eclipse is a great opportunity for a party. For eclipse-y food, costumes and supplies, head to Target for some great ideas. (This is not a sponsored post; I just love Target!)

Spent a fun couple of hours in Target today looking for supplies for our Space Fashion Show & Eclipse Costume Party and our Eclipse Baked Goods contest at work during the employee service association’s Pre-Eclipse Week celebration, and for ideas for an at-home eclipse celebration, too. (When you live in the Path of Totality, all your relatives want to come visit!)

And Target didn’t disappoint. Here’s what I found:

  • Eclipse party food that really resembles some phases of the eclipse — yellow and black madeline and brownie tiny treat pairs.

eclipse cookies for eclipse party

  • Inexpensive costumes for space lovers of any age — eight paper masks with elastic bands cost less than $4 in the children’s party department.

star war masks for eclipse party and costume contest

  • Star design light-up balloons (Who knew balloons could light up?) The package says they’ll glow for 15 hours.

star light up balloons for eclipse party

And I couldn’t resist this cute Nate Berkus chalk board and the multi-colored  chalk pencils for my workplace wall (where I can write “Out to Lunch” anytime…) A friend pointed out that the blackboard part looks like the moon hiding the wicker sun.

sunshine bulletin board for eclipse celebration

Are you having an eclipse party? Find any interesting supplies?

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  1. Elisa says:

    I just bought some half moon cookies at Trader Joe’s.

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