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Online Dating: Dealbreakers

Everybody’s different, but we all have some situations that are dealbreakers when meeting and evaluating a potential boyfriend or girlfriend in person after we’ve connected with him or her online. While we can — and should — be forgiving about … Continue reading

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My Bucket List

Was reading today about “bucket lists” and found a lot of great resources online with ideas of things to include on your “lifetime goal” list. Check this compilation of bucket lists at Here are some items on my bucket … Continue reading

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Hodgepodge Wednesday

OK, I’m trying something new and exciting – Hodgepodge Wednesday from a blog by Joyce Daley called From This Side of the Pond. Here are my answers to her questions. Feel free to comment! —————– 1.¬†Under what circumstances do you … Continue reading

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Victory Log: List Today’s Accomplishments & Feel Good About Them

Did you ever have a day when you thought “I didn’t get anything done today!”? Taking two minutes to do the following activity will change your mind every time!

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