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Embarrassing Mistakes: #6 in a Series

Every time I write a blog post about embarrassing mistakes I’ve made, I think I’ve captured them all. But no, somehow there are always more… 

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Embarrassing Mistakes — #5 in What Seems to be a Series

Two extremely dumb things happened to me this month.

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Cringe-Worthy Household Mistakes — and Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

Everyone does dumb things, right?  Over the years, I’ve learned lessons the hard way from these harmful household experiences. 1) Not cleaning the bottom of the stove right after a lot of food ran over the edge of the baking … Continue reading

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Dumb Mistakes — Part 2

My previous blog post — Unforgettable for All the Wrong Reasons — described some of my most glaring mistakes — away from work. However, upon further reflection, I realize I’ve made some blunders in the proximity of work, too. 1) … Continue reading

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Unforgettable for All the Wrong Reasons – #1 in a Series of Embarrassing Mistakes

Everybody “makes mistakes” occasionally. (When my son was small and did something wrong, he’d say “Oopsie…” in his cute little boy voice.) Six of my dumbest moves are listed below. (Some things happened many years ago, but I still shake … Continue reading

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