Make a Customized Gift Everyone Can Use for $1 — in Less Than 15 Minutes

Make a Customized Money-Saving Gift Everyone Can Use for One Dollar

In less than 15 minutes — with only a computer and printer — you can make a super-low-cost customized gift for friends and family. It’ll save them time and make their life easier.

Everyone who sends mail through the U.S. Post Office needs to address envelopes and packages — and include return addresses on them, to avoid loss.

They can:

  1. Handwrite that information
  2. Buy a self-inking stamper and stamp it OR
  3. Buy return address labels

Labels are handy not only for return addresses but can also be used to address envelopes — — great when you send mail to the same addresses frequently. (And you can also adhere them to subscription forms and contest entries, and use them to label personal possessions such as books.)

Personalized labels aren’t particularly cheap to buy, either. The best price I’ve found is about $8 for 250 address labels.

To do it yourself at a fraction of the cost, buy a $1 package of premium white mailing labels at the local dollar store and print all the sheets (240 labels total) in less than 15 minutes!


Preprinted labels make a great gift, and you can personalize them with unique fonts, colors, initials, designs, messages — and even photos.

Smiley Face Label

And it’s a snap to do.

Make a Practical Money Saving Gift Everyone Can Use for $1

Simply go to the website on the back of the package and download a template for the labels.

Type the person’s name and address (and insert any graphics you want) on the block for the first label.

Just copy and paste that info into the blocks for the remaining labels.

Feed a sheet of the stickers in the printer, print, and watch while great-looking labels appear, lined up perfectly.

You can even print sheets for several different people from a single package. It’s especially handy for newlyweds, people who’ve moved recently and older folks.

For example, you can print a sheet of labels with the name and address of all the children and grandchildren for a gift for your parents — as well as a sheet with their own names and address. When they want to write someone or send a card or gift, they simply peel off a label and use it to address an envelope. They use another sticker for their return address. No looking up addresses and writing is involved!

It’s a thoughtful, personalized money-saving gift that’s convenient and practical. (And while you’re at it, print a few sheets for yourself, too.)

Pick up a pack today and give it a try!

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